Dynamic stresses due to timeharmonic elastic wave incidence on doubly periodic array of pennyshaped cracks

V. V. Mykhas'kiv, I. Ya. Zhbadynskyi, Ch. Zhang


The symmetric frequency-domain problem on the interaction effects in rectangular lattice system of coplanar penny-shaped cracks located in an infinite elastic solid is numerically investigated. The problem is reduced to a boundary integral equation for the crack-opening-displacement in a unit cell by means of 3D periodic elastodynamic Green’s function. This function is adopted for the effective calculation by its representation in the form of exponentially-convergent Fourier integrals. A collocation method is used for the solution of the boundary integral equation. Numerical results for the mode-I dynamic stress intensity factor in the crack vicinities depending on the wave number and the lattice size are obtained and analysed.

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